Coach: Brian Kalsbeek since 2009

       Schedule for the rest of the year

This is the email that I sent out, but incase you cannot find that, here is that information.

Friday May 17: No practice

Please make sure that your athlete gets to bed on time and gets ready for the meet in the morning. 

Saturday May 18: Regionals at Montague 

Freshman-Juniors will meet at Covenant at 7:45 sharp to get on the bus and go to the meet. The seniors are going to sleep in a bit and meet us at the meet at about 10:00. I think that they are going to carpool there. They are free to ride the bus home. Field events start at 10:00 and running events start at 11:00. You have an information packet about that meet. This is going to be an awesome day! I am really looking forward to it!

Monday May 20: JV meet at Calvin

 Athletes will meet there since it is so close. The field events start at 3:30. This is an awesome opportunity for some of the athletes to participate in more events and get some PR's. There is a band concert that night as well at Grandville, so kids can leave for that when they need to. This is also exam time, so when kids are finished with their events, they may leave. It is nice to have some of the state athletes there for a while to cheer on, but they do not have to stay the whole time. Please send some extra food in the lunch of your athlete. For this meet and the Tuesday meet, we are not going to do a food sign up since kids will not be there the whole time and it is hard to know how much food to bring. 

Tuesday May 21: State runners are running in a meet at Byron Center Central Athletic Complex

This is a sweet meet with some great competition. The athletes will again meet there and leave when they want to. The JV kids are welcome to come and watch, but they do not have to. The field events start at 4:00 and the running events start at 5:15. Again, if you could just send your athlete to them meet with some food, that would probably work out best. 

Wednesday May 22: Please have all athletes at practice

At this practice, we go over and celebrate all PR's from the last three meets. We also will be going over details for practices for the rest of the year, and some things for state. After this practice, nonstate runners are welcome to come to practice, but they are not required. We will practice at times that are convenient to the athletes. It gets a little crazy with exams in there.

Saturday May 25: Hope classic

It is the first year that our kids can go to the hope classic. They are not required to go, but it is a fun day and good to have a nice representation at the race.

Saturday May 25: Distance Under the Lights Meet at Houseman Field 

This is again just for state runners. There is only an 800, 1600, 3200. The meet starts at 5:00PM. Sounds like a few kids want to run in this race.

Saturday June 1: The State Finals at Kent City

I will send out more information about this meet later. Part of it depends on how we do on Saturday at the regional. 

Monday June 3: Team party at Holland State Park Beach at 5:00

We are going to do our team party at the beach. This worked out well last year. We meet under the canopy. We will talk for a bit, eat some pizza, and then play some games on the beach. Athletes may get there as early as they would like. I am going to pick up some pizza and we will try to eat at 5:00. Please send your kid with $5 for pizza and drinks.