Coach: Brian Kalsbeek since 2009

Schedule for Week of:

October 30-Nov. 4








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​​​THEME OF THE WEEK:  Leaving a Legacy all the way to the finish--- FINISH STRONG

Text: II Tim. 4:5 "But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry."

   ​It's state week! We have achieved many of our biggest goals. Our desire now is to Finish Strong in what we started back on that first day at the track in August. All season we desired to be a team that Leaves a Legacy. We strove to leave the legacy of a great teammate, a legacy in our witness to others and in our leadership. A legacy of endurance or patience, of focus & commitmemnt, of true greatness, of calm confidence, of peace & thanks, of contentment, and of commitment & dedication. None of these desires ought to stop now in our lives as God's children. These are legacies we should desire to leave behind for the rest of our lives all the way to the end, long after just one XC season is done. But may we never forget that in all these legacies we desired to leave, there is one legacy that ought to come out of them all, and we ought to desire to leave that is far above them all. CCHS XC, that is Jesus, only Jesus!

   In our season theme text II Timothy 4, that we began with and now also finish with Paul has given examples of some who have left bad legacies, and some also who have left good ones. Now in verse 5 he encourages young pastor Timothy to press on in his ministry. In short, Paul says to him leave a legacy of Jesus Christ no matter what happens along the way. He says,"watch thou in all things", or really be sober, calm, focused & controlled in your work. To "endure afflictions", so even in times of suffering & difficulty press on. To "do the work of an evangelist." Spread the good news of Jesus to others as much as you possibly can, and wherever you possibly can. And to "make full proof of thy minsirty." It's hard work and often going to be difficult, but God has called us to do our best to complete it. Finish it, all the way to the end. To Finish Strong!

   During this XC season every single day, and surely every single race day we could say we needed to stay calm, focused, & controlled. We needed to endure even when things were a struggle and we suffered a bit. We needed strength to strive to spread Jesus in any way and to anyone possible. And that though it was hard at times our God had simply called us to do our absolute best to complete or finish our work strong, with the gifts He has given us and to be content with that.

   May our God once again in this week give us the grace & strength we need to Leave a Legacy of Jesus in every part of every legacy we desire to leave during life's race​, all the way to the end! To FINISH STRONG!!

​Practice: 3:00-4:45-Warm Up

-400m Repeats​

-Cool Down

-Stretching & Rolling​​

​Practice: 3:00-4:30pm

​-Warm Up                                                                                              


-Recovery run & Strides

-Stretching / Rolling​

​​Practice: 3:00-4:30pm  

-Warm Up

-2 miles at goal race pace

-Cool Down

-Stretching / Rolling​​​​                                       

​ Practice: 3:00-5:00pm 

​-Warm up

-Recovery Run

-Stretching / Rolling​​



NOTE: We will leave as soon as we can after school gets out​. More information on all that is the sate finals trip will be coming to you very soon! Keep a close eye out for messages.

STATE FINALS @ Michigan International Speedway 12626 US Highway12 Brooklyn, MI 49230

-Girls:   ​​10:10am

-Boys:   11:30am

Awards: 12:15pm​​

​​​​​"For most runners, the last 1k of the last race of the year is the most important part of the race and season. Know that it's coming and then COMPETE!"